ACADIA, A Charter Academy for Developing Independence and Achievement, will provide a rigorous, comprehensive educational program for children of the Lewiston/Auburn area in grades pre-k through 6th. ACADIA will promote high educational achievement through directed teaching opportunities that are entwined with extensive experiential learning opportunities. ACADIA faculty and staff will support the development of the whole child as each student develops academically, socially and emotionally in a safe community that requires personal accountability and meaningful participation. It is our intent to support our individual students in developing their full potential, while teaching them the value of belonging, connectedness and contribution to our larger community.


ACADIA will provideĀ for a unique and innovative educational experience. ACADIA students will fully participate within our learning community, experiencing rigorous daily instruction comprised of carefully selected curricula to allow for academic acceleration, small group interaction and meaningful application. Authentic, relevant experiential activities will provide critical opportunities for our students to grasp real world application of concepts and skills, through the delivery of multi-modal learning opportunities that are necessary to meet the learning preferences of our students. Our students will be challenged to meet high expectations for academic performance, social and emotional competence, and demonstrate evidence of commitment to their community. We expect students to embrace high standards of personal accountability and commitment to their personal learning journey through innovative, projects of self-study and interest.

In the next five years, ACADIA will establish itself as an educational model within our community evidenced by a thriving student body, invested families, a committed and professional faculty and established community partners. In order to achieve our goals, we expect to focus on the establishment of partnerships; with our board and faculty, faculty and students, faculty and families, ACADIA and community, ACADIA and public schools (including existing Charter Schools). These relationships will best serve our faculty, our students, our families, ACADIA as a whole and the larger community.

In five years, we are certain that ACADIA will demonstrate success, with evidence to support the statements made within our Mission and Vision. We believe that the model for ACADIA has been developed on sound research, culminated to reflect the highest standards for curricula selection, instructional methodology, social-emotional development, faculty development and student success. Our innovative model sets the standard for student achievement with the necessary supports and infra-structure to achieve our goals. It is our sincere belief that in five years we will be submitting a proposal to replicate ACADIA in the hopes of expanding our success for students in another region.